The mission of the planning advisory committee (PAC) is to design and implement the best possible solutions for the community of tomorrow. It should include today’s organization of the municipality and imagine its future.

In 2013, the municipality revised its municipal regulations. You will find these under the Regulations and Permits tab.

All permit applications on ‘Plan d’Implantation et d’Intégration Architectural’ (PIIA) are analyzed by an urbanist member of the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec. This report is submitted to the Planning Advisory Committee which is a body mandated by the council to provide advice on applications submitted. You will find the agenda of the PAC committee in the Municipal Council tab; Municipal agenda.

The PAC is a working group composed of two (2) members of council and four (4) residents chosen by it to lead, guide and support its urban planning action.

The PAC is an advisory body, not a decision-making committee. It nevertheless plays an essential role in mission planning and territory administration of the municipality. Its recommendations are presented to Municipal Council for the issuing permits

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