• In 2021, the municipality revised its urbanism bylaws. You will find the different bylaws on our website under the Bylaws and permit applications section.

Planning advisory committee (CCU)

  • The CCU is a consultative and non-decisional committee composed of two (2) members of the Municipal Council as well as four (4) residents chosen by the Council in order to guide and support its action in matters of urban planning;
  • Following the CCU’s review of the interventions subject to its evaluation, the committee’s recommendations on these interventions are forwarded to the Municipal Council. Following receipt of the CCU’s recommendations, Council renders its decision on the approval or refusal of the projects (plans) submitted for evaluation;
  • To view the agenda of the CCU meetings, please consult the Municipal Calendar section on our website.

Construction Guide

  • In order to protect the environment of the municipality, a Construction Guide has been created to provide everyone with important information on the protection of trees on construction sites, on erosion control, on the protection of the shoreline and on the protection of wildlife;
  • The Construction Guide is available here: Construction Guide – Lac-Tremblant-Nord


As part of its conservation mission, Parc national du Mont-Tremblant is calling on the citizens of outlying municipalities to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the wolf, a large predator essential to the health of ecosystems.

To this effect, here is a series of 5 chronicles on the wolf, preceded by an introduction:

Recent studies have shown that all wolf packs in the park also use the outside of the territory to meet their needs, making them much more vulnerable to various anthropogenic threats.

For more information, visit www.sepaq.com/pq/mot/loups