In this section you may look up the dates of meetings of the Municipal Council and of the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC).

Dates and times of Municipal Council meetings 2021.

COVID-19 – Municipal council meetings are held by video-conference.

If you wish to join us, here are the guidelines for public participation.

Dates 2021 Time
Saturday, January 16th 2 PM
Saturday, February 6th 2 PM
Saturday, March 6th 2 PM
Saturday, April 10th 2 PM
Saturday, May 8th 11 AM
Saturday, June 12th 11 AM
Saturday, July 10th 11 AM
Saturday, August 7th 11 AM
Saturday, September 11th 11 AM
Saturday, October 2nd 11 AM
Saturday, November 20th 11 AM
Saturday, December 18th 11 AM

All citizens are encouraged to attend!

Important dates concerning requests to the PAC

Make sure to include all the listed documents with your request, including a cheque covering the cost, otherwise it will not be processed until all documentation is received.
Last day to submit documents Meeting dates Meeting hour
January 8th, before 10 AM January 23rd 9.30 AM
January 29th, before 10 AM February 20th 9.30 AM
March 3rd, before 12 PM March 27th 9.30 AM
March 31st, before 12 PM April 24th 9.30 AM
May 5th, before 12 PM May 29th 9 AM
June 2nd, before 12 PM June 26th 9 AM
June 30th, before 12 PM July 24th 9 AM
August 4th, before 12 PM August 28th 9 AM
August 25th, before 12 PM September 18th 9 AM
October 13th, before 12 PM November 6th 9.30 AM
November 10th, before 12 PM December 4th 9.30 AM