In this section, you may consult all urbanism bylaws (French only) of our municipality and different permit or authorization certificate requests :

For information purposes:

Please note that short-term rental in Lac-Tremblant-Nord is only authorized for a minimum period of more than 31 consecutive days per stay, for a maximum of 180 days. Short-term rental for a period of less than 31 consecutive days per stay is not permitted.

To learn more about the regulations on the subject, please consult the following extract from By-law number 2013-003 related to zoning: Short-term rental – Article 5.15 (By-law number 2013-003 related to zoning)

Urbanism bylaws

Règlement 2013-001 relatif au plan d’urbanisme

Plan 1 – Grandes unités physiographiques

Plan 2 – Zones de contraintes naturelles et antrophiques

Plan 3 – Concept d’organisation spatiale

Plan 4 – Les grandes affectations du sol

Plan 5 – Éléments d’intérêt particulier

Règlement 2013-002 relatif aux permis et certificats

Règlement 2013-003 relatif au zonage

Annexe A – Plan de zonage (original 2013)

Annexe A – Plan de zonage (after modifications (to date))

Annexe B – Grille des usages et des normes

Règlement 2013-004 relatif au lotissement

Règlement 2013-005 relatif à la construction

Règlement 2013-006 sur les plans d’implantation et d’intégration architecturale (PIIA)

Guide architectural (fait parti intégrante au plan d’implantation et d’intrégration architectural (PIIA) comme annexe ”B”).

Règlement 2013-009 relatif aux usages conditionnels


Other regulations:

By-law 2020-13 Treatment of elected officials for 2021

By-law 2020-10 Parking area

By-law  2020-02 exterior lightening

By-law 2006-007 – Abolishing vehicular accesses
By-law 2010-001 – regarding nuisances
Provincial by-law Q2r22 (waste water disposal systems)
By-Law 2010-06 regarding open air fire
By-Law 2006-A-07 regarding alarm system

By-Law 2012-002 Code of ethics and professional conduct of municipal employees

By-law 2020-12 Fixing the rate of 2021 municipal taxes

By-law 2015-01 Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

By-law 2015-02 Minor Derogation

By-law 2018-01 Code of ethics and professional conduct for elected officials

By-law 2019-02 Protection of water against invasive species

By-law 2018-07 concerning speed limit on chemin Thomas-Robert

By-law 2019-03 concerning rate of transfer tax with excess tax base of $500,000 $

By-law 2019-04 concerning contrat supervision

By-law 2018-02 concerning the collection of residual materials

Permit applications
Addition, renovation of an accessory building and construction
New construction
New groundwater catchment work
Alarm system

Septic tank installation

Bridge construction

Construction of a culvert

Road construction


Other applications
Minor derogation

Extension of permit or certificate

Certificates of authorization


Demolition of a building
Tree felling
Works on the shore of lakes and streams
Pool and Spa Installation
Excavation and Embankment

You can print an application form and send it to us, along with the required documents, by mail or in person.
Burning Permit


  • Campfire with a maximum dimension of one cubic meter (no permit is required)
  • Fire in outdoor fireplaces
  • Chinese lanterns (under certain conditions).


  • Light a fire larger than a cubic meter
  • Burn waste, construction, renovation and demolition materials, trees and brush during deforestation
  • Light a campfire within 15 m of a lake, pond, stream or wetland
  • Light a campfire when the weather conditions are unfavorable (drought and strong wind).

So, before starting an outdoor fire, please consult the SOPFEU site to find out about the risk of fire.

Autres formulaires de demandes

There are no documents at this time.

New construction: Remember to refer to Regulation 2013-006 above and to the architectural guide.