Volunteers requested – LTN trail

The LTN trail

Volunteers requested!

As you will remember in the summer of 2015, a group of volunteers laid out a trail from lac Bibite to Domaine de la Tranquilité including remarkable vistas from Nez de l’indien and Montagne Verte. This became known as the Lac-Tremblant-Nord Centennial Trail and has been a great success.

It is now proposed under the leadership of Jacko Graton to extend the trail in both directions with the full collaboration of Labelle and Ville the Mont-Tremblant. Work is already under way on the section up to and including Mont Gorilla.

If you are available over the summer to help, please indicate when and a schedule will be drawn up leaving your name with Josée Roy in answer to this e-mail.

The ultimate objective is to have a hiking trail around lac Tremblant and touching all sectors of our municipality.

An exciting opportunity!

Thank you.


Hugh Scott


Backyard compost bin available, make your request by phone or e-mail!

Backyard compost bin

Once again the municipality is offering free of charge ‘’FreeGarden’’ EARTH compost bins.  These have a capacity of 310 liters and are made of 100% recycled content.

Our personal experience is that this is just over half full after a complete year.  We are making our first harvest.  There is definitely no associated odor nor excess insects.

It is true that raccoons delight in knocking off the lid but they are not destructive and it is not pushed over once the bottom is embedded.

I urge everyone to try this.  If, as a municipality, we can demonstrate strong uptake, we will be able to be exempted from a Quebec-wide requirement to offer

a cumbersome – and expensive – municipal composting programme.

To acquire your composter, contact the municipal office by phone or by e-mail.

Hugh Scott