The municipal council of Lac Tremblant-Nord is made up of the mayor and six municipal councillors elected by the entire population of the municipality. Its role is both legislative and executive.

The Council decides the orientations and the priorities of the community. It adopts legislation (resolutions, regulations etc.) and budgets. It authorises the levying of taxes as well as rules concerning loans.

As well, it takes the ultimate decisions relative to the nomination, the suspension and the dismissal of municipal employees as well as their remuneration and working conditions.

The meetings of the Municipal Council of Lac-Tremblant-Nord take place at 144 rue du Couvent and are public. You are invited to come and meet your elected representatives.

Kimberly Meyer


Committees : Ex-officio member of all committees.

Peter Richardson

Seat #1

Committee : to come

Éric Lessard

Seat #2

Committee : to come

Louise Royer

Seat #3

Committee: to come

Jean Cloutier

Seat #4

Committee : to come

Charles de Broin

Seat #5

Committee : to come

Philippe Couture

Seat #6

Committee : to come